David Cerqueiro David Cerqueiro

David is a director heavily influenced by a nomadic lifestyle. After having lived and worked as director in Berlin, Caracas, Switzerland and United States during the past ten years, now he directs from Barcelona, Spain.

His works can be as diverse as his background, spanning from indy music videos all the way to documentaries, commercials, short films and branded content for all kinds of clients such as Movistar, Roche, Sony Music, Johnson & Johnson and Josep Carreras Foundation, amongst others. Also, he has worked as cinematographer for all kinds of projects, big and small, which has allowed him to develop an elegant and hypersensitive eye, at the same time as a broad decisive capacity which makes him a very powerful and highly creative director.

David is also an avid chess player, guitarist and screenwriter. When he reaches minimum levels of willpower he likes to go for a night run.

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